Best Air Hockey Pool Ping Pong Combo Table Reviews

99% of us have limited space when it comes to the game room.  The question really becomes: how do you maximize the space that you have?  Practically speaking, it takes about a 15 x 11 foot space to have a proper set up for a standard table of pool, ping pong, or air hockey.  If you are a fan of all 3 of these games, it would take a ton of space to own each type of table.  Thankfully, there are some great air hockey pool ping pong combo table options out there.


An air hockey pool ping pong combo table gives you the great benefit of efficiency with your valuable space.  While only taking up the space of one table, these versatile tables allow you to switch back and forth between two or three different games.


There are a bunch of different models and types of combo tables available on the market.  Our goal is to highlight the best combo tables out there from a quality and versatility standpoint.



Fat Cat 3 in 1 Air Hockey Pool Ping Pong Combo Table – 7 ft



From an all around quality standpoint, the Fat Cat 3-in-1 is hard to beat.  It’s really the only true air hockey pool ping pong combo table on the market that is also high in quality.  Each playing surface is created using durable material and will last a long time.


The table works by allowing gamers to flip the playing surface between air hockey and pool.  A ping pong table topper is also included that is placed on top of the table.  The ping pong topper is trifold and super convenient to store when it’s not in use.


Since air hockey requires an electrical connection, a power cord is included with the table as well.  Thankfully, the manufacturers have carefully designed the flipping mechanism in the table such that you don’t have accidentally damaging your cord, table, and electrical outlet when flipping between pool and air hockey.  Simply leave the cord plugged in, flip your table, and game on!


The last great feature of this table we want to highlight is the storage system.  On either end of the table is a built in rack for storing air hockey mallets, pucks, pool balls and the pool triangle.  There is even storage for pool cues on the sides of the table as well.  This makes storage and keeping your game room tidy a breeze.


Included Accessories:

  • 4 air hockey mallets and 4 air hockey pucks.
  • 1 set of 2-1/4″ billiard balls.
  • 2 billiard cues (57″).
  • Resin triangle, billiard brush, 2 cue chalks.
  • 2 ping pong paddles and balls, one net and post set.

Hathaway Park Avenue 7’ Pool Table Tennis Combination Table



The Hathaway Park Avenue 7′ combo table is a classy, really nice looking piece.  While air hockey is not included in this table, the set up actually comes with a functional dining table top – so it’s still extremely versatile.


On the note of functionality, also included with the table are two benches.  These benches can be used for dining or they can be easily stored under the table when playing games.  Under the seat of each bench is enough built in storage to stow all game equipment and more.   This is a great feature on many levels, and it allows for the table to shine as a modern, clean looking addition to your game room.


The pool table itself is constructed magnificently.  Premium felt and True Roll bumpers were used to ensure a professional style playing surface.


Included with the Hathaway Park 7′ combo table is a 180 day manufacturers warranty.  In an ideal world there is no need for a warranty but if something goes wrong it’s nice to have the protection.  The manufacturer will replace any faulty parts for up to 180 days after your purchase.


While this isn’t technically an air hockey pool ping pong combo table, it is a perfect option for those who could take or leave air hockey.


Included Accessories:

  • 2 pool cues (57″).
  • 1 set of 2-1/4″ pool balls, 1 resin rack, and cue chalk.
  • 2 table tennis paddles and 2 table tennis balls.
  • 1 net and posts set for table tennis.

NHL Power Play Air Powered Hockey Table with Table Tennis Top


If you aren’t much of a pool or billiards player, this could be the best table for you.  The NHL Power Play Air Powered table is an air hockey and ping pong combo table with great features.


Since this table is first designed as an air hockey table, there is an automatic scoring and sound system built in to the table.  This makes playing air hockey super convenient and easy when you don’t have to manually change the score every time somebody scores.


Set up for this table is also super easy.  Minimal construction is required and it’s basically ready to play 15 minutes after you take it out of the box.  At the end of each table leg are levers that automatically level the table on whichever flooring you place the table on.


The included table tennis top is tri fold and takes up minimal space when it’s not in use.


Included Accessories:

  • 2 air hockey mallets and 2 pucks.
  • 2 table tennis paddles and 2 balls.
  • 1 net and post system for table tennis.

MD Sports 84″ Billiards and Table Tennis Combo Table



Sometimes it can be very difficult to balance quality and price point.  With the MD Sports Billiards and Table Tennis combo table you get a blend of both.  While it’s not a top of the line combo table, it’s definitely quality and it’s made available at a lower price point than premium offerings on the market.


Some in home assembly is required but not too much that it’s overbearing.  The legs of the tables also feature levers which always keep the table in balance.


The table tennis top is bi-folding, so it takes up a little more space to store than a tri-fold but it’s still convenient.


Included Accessories:

  • 2 pool cues (57″).
  • 1 set of 2-1/4″ pool balls, 1 resin rack, 1 brush, and cue chalk.
  • 2 table tennis paddles and 2 table tennis balls.
  • 1 net and posts set for table tennis.

Sunnydaze 10 Combination Multi Game Table with Billiards, Push Hockey, Foosball, Ping Pong and More



We felt the need to include the Sunnydaze 10 Combo Table in this post for obvious reasons.  This table is extremely versatile and comes with 10 games included and is at an outstanding price point.


Now, the downside to the table is that it’s only 40 inches long.  So for some of the games, namely ping pong, air hockey, and pool, you aren’t getting the full regulation experience.  But, that could be a good thing for kids or beginners to those games.  Just maybe not for somebody looking for a true air hockey pool ping pong combo table.


One other important thing to note, the air hockey game is technically push hockey because there is no air pumping through the table while you play.


All of the table games stack and store between the foosball table and the billiard base.  This is huge for those of us where space is at a premium.


The games that are included with this combo table are: Slide hockey, foosball, pool, shuffleboard, table tennis, chess, cards, checkers, bowling, and backgammon.


Included Accessories:

  • Interchangeable table tops for all games listed above.
  • All accessories required to play each game are included, so we won’t list them all out one by one.  For example, ping pong paddles and balls are included, billiard cues and balls are included, etc.

If there are any other air hockey pool ping pong combo tables you’d like for us to review please let us know in the comments below!  Also, if space is at a premium in your game room check out our post on best midsize and mini ping pong tables.

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