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Best Gaming Chair Reviews 2019

The benefits of gaming chairs are obvious.  From all of the ergonomic benefits to making sure your gaming sessions are as comfortable as possible, investing in the best gaming chair is a necessity for both casual and serious gamers alike.   We’ve taken some time to create a gaming chair

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DXRacer Formula Series Review

Overview The DXRacer Formula Series is one of DXRacer’s entry level lines of gaming chairs.  That’s not to say that the chairs aren’t outstanding though.  The Formula series provides a nice balance of price point and quality.   The DXRacer Formula Series is inclusive of all of the basic features

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AKRacing AK-5050 Ergonomic Series Review

Overview Gamers and office workers are the most vulnerable to bad posture and health disorders that come as a result.  AKRacing did their research and produced the AKRacing AK-5050 Ergonomic Series gaming chair that will help keep your posture in check during those long work hours or gaming sessions. The

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